Our manifesto


myCrew enables active people to connect, create and join bespoke running communities.

We believe in the power of running together as a way of motivating, connecting and inspiring people. We’ve seen first hand the transformative power of social running. We’ve made lifelong friends and met partners, both in crime and romance, and we’ve seen people become more active, more motivated and more consistent in exceeding their goals.

We live in a world of hyper-localisation, hyper-personalisation and on-demand (and often instant) gratification. As such the way we schedule our lives has become increasingly fluid.  Yet when it comes to running groups we’re forced to adhere to strict unmovable schedules and rigid programs.

So we created an app that allows active people to build their own crew and run together on their own terms - it’s for early morning sprinters, canal-side joggers, PB smashers and everyone in between.


Incredible connections: Incredible bonds are made when people are active and healthy together. Through social running we’ve made friends for life, business partners, boyfriends, girlfriends and just met a bunch of great people, people from all walks of life, who we would have not otherwise met.

Motivation: People push themselves more in social situations and are less likely to skip sessions. The group environment is often the nudge you need to get out of the door.

Safety: Solo running in urban environments, especially as winter sets in and days become shorter and darker, can feel intimidating. Running with others makes the experience safer.

Who we are


myCrew was created by the brains behind the world’s largest social running club, Midnight Runners and global internet phenomenon, Dubsmash.

Having seen first hand the transformative power of social running, and technology’s ability to bring people together, we knew it was time to bring something new to the running scene.

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Greg has spent his career working as a head of product for a number of apps in the fitness space. Three years ago – along with Christian – he co-founded Midnight Runners building it from a small group in London to a global running club. Greg is an ultra marathoner, run influencer and a serial mountaineer.


Daniel is a former co-founder and CTO of internet phenomenon, Dubsmash. With over 200M downloads, it's one of the world's most popular video sharing apps. Daniel is a runner, traveller and yachtsman. Along with Greg he climbed Pico de Orizaba – North America's 3rd highest summit.


Christian is a serial entrepreneur and a board member in over 10 of the world’s fastest growing consumer mobile companies. He brings deep insights and a relevant network spanning Europe and America. Christian is a runner, passionate about the outdoors and a keen Inboard rider.


Luke is designer with 8+ years of full gamut UX design experience in the mobile, web and consumer-facing industries. By developing a number of dating apps he’s helped thousands of people connect and meet. Luke is a keen runner, is a passionate martial artist and loves everything related to motorcycles and the outdoors.

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Martin is a mobile front end developer with nearly three years of React Native experience. He is a frequent hackathon participant, building working product prototypes in 48 hours or less. Outside of coding, Martin is passionate about mountaineering, skiing and playing guitar.



Does this sounds like your kind of a crew? Head to our jobs section to learn who we’re looking for.



P.S. Many thanks to Daniel Varga and Anna Jackson for letting us use their photographs on our website and other channels.


We practice what
we preach


We work from a laid back part of Venice. We're located a two minutes walk from the beach, around the corner from trendy cafés (Rose Cafe & Firehouse) and super close to the famous Gold's Gym. We have space for your bike, surfboard and wetsuit. The fridge is full of fresh fruit and we have a shower if you need to refresh after a dip in the ocean or your morning bike commute. 

Work for us is a way of life. We always want you to give 100% but that doesn't stop at the desk. For us dropping everything and hitting the trails, riding your skateboard or catching a wave is just as important to our business as the bottom line. We thrive off adventure and the extreme because the more you challenge yourself, the more you challenge us - and that is what we are all about.

Does this sound you are in the right place? Apply now!

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