Welcome to our Crew, Shelayna!


What do you and World Medalist, European Champion, and 5x British National Champion have in common?

Well, other than the obvious (putting pants on one leg at a time & binging the new series of Stranger Things), you and Shelayna Oskan-Clarke both use myCrew to connect with others, accomplish your goals, and push yourself to new heights.

Our friendship with Shelayna took off when she and co-founder, Christian Dorffer, bumped into one another on the same flight back to London. The two got chatting and Christian noticed Shelayna’s Olympic Rings necklace. Blushing, the bashful and unbelievably humble Track & Field superstar admitted to being a British Olympian. 

Over the course of the flight, an awe-filled Christian brought up myCrew and the company’s vision - to make people’s active lives more social. Shelayna loved it. Between training, travel, and recovery, the life of a world-class runner doesn’t allow much time for fraternizing. For Shelayna, myCrew is perfect - it presents a way to incorporate a social element in her training. 

Now, months after her serendipitous run-in with Christian, Shelayna has been using myCrew to prepare for her summer of elite competition. Through meeting others for workouts, she feels more connected, motivated, and prepared for the races ahead.

On the topic, Shelayna said, “With myCrew, I can host an event at my pace or join someone else’s that strikes my fancy. It's not all the time, but I like having the ability to mix socializing with my training and it's actually really inspiring to share that with people so passionate about their own goals.”

It is our great pleasure to officially welcome Shelayna to the myCrew team. And, if you’re in the London area, look out! You may be checking in to a myCrew activity with the UK’s fastest woman.