Match. Sweat. Connect.

Here's what changed everything. 


We are a company built on being active and being outside. As individuals we are all passionate about a number of disciplines across a wide range of sports. But the love for the sports we play is also matched with a passion for meeting new people.

We’ve realized that the fitness apps we have been using create digital-only, artificial relationships. Their virtual leaderboards, remote coaching or training plans that are to be followed in living rooms made us stay at home. That’s so wrong –  technology should be enabling us to do more, not less.

As the founders of a global urban fitness movement – Midnight Runners – we know exactly what it takes to build a fitness community. We have really learnt the power and life-changing benefits of sharing our active lifestyles together with others. Trust us – it changes everything. We want more people to be able to connect through the sports we are passionate about which is why we are developing myCrew – the tech platform that enables active people all around the world to find others to work out with.


At myCrew, we are passionate about enabling active people to discover, meet and form lasting relationships based on their interests, abilities and location.



Ready to change your life?


We are assembling a super-star team that is passionate about an active lifestyle as much as we are, but also excited about bringing people with them on this journey. We are building a team which can work fast and work hard, make pragmatic decisions and find new ways to solve fun, interesting, and meaningful challenges every day.

Work for us is a way of life. We always want you to give 100% but that doesn't stop at the desk. For us dropping everything and hitting the trails, riding your skateboard or catching a wave is just as important to our business as the bottom line. We thrive off adventure and the extreme because the more you challenge yourself, the more you challenge us – and that is what we are all about.


Currently, we are looking for...


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Lace up those trainers and jump right in – we are ready for you. 

Who we are


Greg has spent his career working as a head of product for a number of apps in the fitness space. Three years ago – along with Christian –he co-founded Midnight Runners building it from a small group in London to a global fitness movement. Greg is an ultra marathoner, run influencer and a serial mountaineer. 



Daniel is a former co-founder and CTO of Dubsmash. With over 200M downloads, it's one of the world's most popular video sharing apps. Daniel is a runner, traveller and yachtsman. Along with Greg he climbed Pico de Orizaba – North America's 3rd highest summit. 



Christian is a serial entrepreneur and a board member in over 10 of the world’s fastest growing consumer mobile companies. He brings deep insights and a relevant network spanning Europe and America. Christian is a runner, passionate about the outdoors and a keen Inboard rider.


Jody is one of the most inspiring young British adventurers and ultra runners. Whilst serving nearly 10 years in the UK Army he organized races in Palestine, Afghanistan and Somalia's historic first marathon in nearly three decades.  

Why Venice Beach


We chose to be based in West Los Angeles on purpose. Venice is perfect for an active company like ours: the beautiful southern California weather, the Pacific Ocean (we're only 0.1 miles from the beach!), proximity to some of the best trails on the West Coast and a culture built on being outside. We can’t play all the time so it's equally important being in LA – the global hub of business, fitness and the entertainment industry whilst also being surrounded by young and exciting people that share our ethos and lifestyle. Join us and become more alive, more awake and with your eyes wide open experience a whole mindset shift. We are ready to change your entire outlook on life and career just as we change the lives of those who use myCrew. Let’s go!