How do I host a run?

Once you’ve signed in you will be able to host a run by tapping the “Add My Run” button at the bottom of the screen. Here you can fill in the details for your run, and it will go live once you’ve submitted it.

How do I join a run?

Once you’ve signed in you will be able to see all of the runs around you that match your run preferences, and that match your pace of running. Once you’ve found the one you’d like to join, simply tap on it and sign up.

How do I change my profile picture?

To change your profile picture, go to Profile > Edit Profile then tap on the photo you'd like to change, and select your new photo from your camera or photo library.

Who are myCrew Verified Hosts?

Verified Hosts are those who we have checked personally, and have verified that they are 100% authentic, genuine, hosting material. You’ll be able to tell if someone is verified if you see a blue tick next to their avatar or in their profile!

I'm looking for Midnight Runners, am I in the right place?

Yes and no. myCrew hosts exclusively all Midnight Runners events, but if you’ve got any questions with regards to MR then please go here: https://midnightrunners.com/contact

How do I speak to others on my run to plan it?

When you’ve joined a run, you will be able to chat with the other members in the group through the chat feature. Here you can plan where to meet, and whether you’ll stop off somewhere for an energy boost.

I found a bug, what should I do?

Bummer! Unfortunately, as with all new things, there can be some bugs. The best thing to do is take a screenshot, and then send it through the method that will be displayed on your phone screen. This way we can get the best data on what happened, and fix it as soon as possible.

What about safety?

With regards to safety, we are not able to take responsibility for you on your runs so please use common sense. For more information check out these safety tips and community rules.

How do I delete my myCrew user account?

We are very sorry to hear that you want to remove your myCrew account. But we want to make sure that your data is being removed if you want so. In order to do that, please send us an email to delete-me@mycrew.com from the email address you used to create your user account. Please also provide your first, last name and birth date, so we can verify it is really you.