Welcome to the myCrew community. If you’re kind, tolerant and respectful to others, myCrew is your place to belong. Here are a few rules to follow to have and provide a great myCrew experience.

  1. The run always leaves on time. Respect your fellow members by being prompt!  

  2. New to the group? Introduce yourself! Running is great way to make friends, make new connections and expand your world. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

  3. Obey the law and always respect other runners and pedestrians. We love exploring the cities we live in and want our neighbours to love us to. Only cross roads in specified places, and never on a red light. Respect bike lanes and right of way. Don’t get into the runners bubble!

  4. Dress appropriately. If it rains, have a waterproof jacket. If it’s hot, feel free to put on a tank top. If it’s dark, wear some reflectives and a head torch. (Thanks, mum!)

  5. Assess your abilities objectively. If it’s a long run and you’ve never run more than 5k? It’s time to do some training…!

  6. The pace is set by the group, not by the strongest runner.

  7. Stay hydrated. (Coffee and beer doesn’t count...)

  8. If you’re leaving your run crew, alert at least one person from the group.

  9. On steeper ascents, regroup at the top. Why not throw in a burpee?

  10. Make sure you have suitable footwear - trail vs track, road vs mud!

  11. Be sure to have good profile pics, and a bio about yourself in your profile. We reserve the right to make your profile private & invisible to others at any time if necessary.

  12. Wear suncream.



myCrew brings people together. With hundreds of runs posted and joined, and thousands of users registered on the platform, our community is constantly growing.

With so many people on myCrew, user safety is a priority. We understand that meeting some new people for the first time whether online or on a run is intriguing and exciting. However, your safety is very important, and because you are in control of your myCrew experience, there are certain safety steps that you should follow while meeting new people – both online and offline.

We ask you to read the tips and information below, and strongly urge you to follow these guidelines in the interest of your personal safety and wellbeing. However, you are always the best judge of your own safety, and these guidelines are not intended to be a substitute for your own judgment.


Protect Your Personal Information

Never give personal information, such as: your social security number (or National Insurance Number), credit card number or bank information, or your work or home address to people you don’t know or haven’t met in person.

Note: myCrew will never send you an email asking for your username and password information. Any such communication should be reported immediately.

Be Web Wise

Report suspicious users. You can report concerns about any suspicious user anonymously at any time on myCrew. Keep conversations on the platform. Bad actors will try to move the conversation to text, personal email or phone conversations.

Report All Suspicious Behavior

Additionally, please report anyone who violates our terms of use.

Examples of terms of use violations include:

  • Asks you for money or donations

  • Requesting photographs

  • Minors using the platform

  • Users sending harassing or offensive messages

  • Users behaving inappropriately after meeting in person

  • Fraudulent registration or profiles

  • Spam or solicitation, such as attempts to sell products or services


First meetings are exciting, but always take precautions and follow these guidelines to help you stay safe:

Get to Know the Other People

Keep your communications limited to the myCrew platform and really get to know users online/using the app before meeting them in person. Bad actors often push people to communicate off the platform immediately. It’s up to you to research and do your due diligence.

Always Meet and Stay in Public

Meet for the first time in a populated, public place – never in a private or remote location, and never at your home or apartment. Feel free to ask the run host to describe or share a route with you.

If It Doesn’t Feel Right, Don’t Run

Use your common sense. If it’s night, not the safest part of the city and nobody else joins the run, maybe give this one a pass and sign up for another one.

Tell Your Friends and Family Members of Your Plans

Inform a friend or family member of your plans and when and where you’re going. Make sure you have your cell phone charged and with you at all times.

Transport Yourself to and from the Run

You need to be independent and in control of your own transportation, especially in case things don’t work out.

Good People, Good Times, Good Vibes

myCrew is all about having a good time, working out with awesome people and connecting our world through fitness. If someone on one of your runs makes you feel uncomfortable, let us know. We want to build the world’s most open, tolerant and accepting fitness communities that are home to anyone of any background.  


In the case that something has happened, immediately call 112 (UK) or 911 (US). Emergency situations include a recent threat of violence, a serious injury, or if your health or someone else’s is in danger.