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myCrew is a global community of people who love running.

It helps you meet active people near you and manage all of your social runs in one place.


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myCrew helps you manage all of your social running activities in one place, while meeting sporty people near you. By training together, our users have become better runners and athletes, found new inspiration, made friends for life, and much more.

I absolutely LOVE this app!
This app is awesome. Made so many new friends. GET IT!!!
As a woman I couldn’t run in my city at night. myCrew is a game changer! 🙌
— Anna
Where else would you meet new friends?
I ALWAYS check myCrew to find activities in my area.
I’ve waited my whole life for an app like myCrew and it’s finally here. Thank you!
— Emily



How does it work?


You enter in your running stats (distance, pace, location) and we connect you with other local runners who match your run stats. 

Add or get invited to a run, check out profiles of your crew, say 'hi!' via chat and then go for a run with your new crew. Here’s to the many miles of running together! 


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Verified hosts

Anyone can host a run with myCrew. Most of our hosts are verified – which means we have personally checked their accounts. You’ll see these with a blue tick on their profile. We are lucky enough to have some great run personalities and even Olympic athletes in our community too, including:


Shelayna Oskan-Clarke

Team GB Olympian & 800m GB Champion


Charlie - @therunnerbeans

Fitness Blogger & Running Trendsetter


James - @jamesdpoole

Founder of AdventRunning


Emma - @emajoyc

Personal Trainer & Fitness Blogger

myCrew users say

Knowing that I was going to meet up with other people made me get out of bed at 7am on Sunday and the company made sure I did not give up on that awful hill!
The recent myCrew run took me to a part of the city I’ve never been before. I loved it!
— Rachel
Going for a myCrew run is probably the best part of my day. It’s great!
It was totally different from a regular run – so much more fun to do it with other people. We are now in touch, planning the next one.
— Anna
It’s Saturday morning and it’s raining like hell. Then I get asked on the run chat:
– “Hey Dan, is this run going ahead?”
– “Sure!” I replied confident. (I wanted to cancel but after that I couldn’t.)
So we ran 16k to Richmond Park and back, and loved every minute of the rain. We both admitted that we hoped the other would cancel. And neither of us did...

Our manifesto


myCrew was created by the brains behind the world’s largest social running club, Midnight Runners and global internet phenomenon, Dubsmash.

Having seen first hand the transformative power of social running, and technology’s ability to bring people together, we knew it was time to bring something new to the running scene.


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