Connection, inspiration, elation.

The app that’s making your active life more social, and your social life more active.


myCrew. Where fitness goes social.

  • Discover activities and events in your city.

  • Connect and chat with local fitness-lovers.

  • Create & manage activities of your very own.

  • Chat with your groups to organize activities.


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Everything's better with a crew.


myCrew empowers you to make your social life more active and your active life more social. You'll find events and activities in your area, connect with local movers and shakers, and ultimately discover a new source of inspiration and motivation.


Make your active life more social.

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Tap into your city’s best group workouts.

Connect with like-minded people.


Find your crew.




Elation, unlocked.

Knowing that I was going to meet up with other people made me get out of bed at 7am on Sunday and the company made sure I did not give up on that awful hill!
Going for a myCrew run is probably the best part of my day. It’s great!
It was totally different from a regular run – so much more fun to do it with other people. We are now in touch, planning the next one.
— Anna
The recent myCrew run took me to a part of the city I’ve never been before. I loved it!
— Rachel
It’s Saturday morning and it’s raining like hell. Then I get asked on the run chat:
– “Hey Dan, is this run going ahead?”
– “Sure!” I replied confident. (I wanted to cancel but after that I couldn’t.)
So we ran 16k to Richmond Park and back, and loved every minute of the rain. We both admitted that we hoped the other would cancel. And neither of us did...